B.E. Center Stage Senior - Maddie

Maddie's Q&A

Q: What will you miss the most about high school?

A: My friends! And definitely wearing my uniform, having to pick out my clothes in college is going to be so different.

Q: What are your post-graduation plans?

A: I'm going to the University of Arkansas to study Pre-Med

Q: Where do you see yourself at 27?

A: Maybe married, maybe in Med school. Hopefully successful with whatever i'm doing.

Q: What is your best advice for underclassmen?

A: Don't rush your life! High school goes by so unbelievably fast, cherish every moment.

Q: What do you spend the majority of your money on?

A: Shoes, I definitely buy way too many shoes

Q: Do you still watch cartoons? If yes, which one?

A: Not very often but if I do its usually spongebob.

Q: Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?

A: I'd probably bury it in my backyard

Q: What movies could you watch over and over and still love?

A: The Breakfast Club is an all time favorite movie of mine. I've watched it atleasdt 100 times.

Q: What childhood toy do you still have?

A: I still have my American girl dolls, probably because my mom is forcing me to keep them for my future kids haha.

Q: Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?

A: I wanted to be a teacher so bad when I was little.

Q: If you could go back or forward in time, where would you go?

A: I would probably go back to when I was a little kid because I never realized how simple things were back then.

Q: If they made a movie about your life, what actor would play you?

A: I would hope Leighton Meester (Blair from gossip girl) because i've never wanted to be some one as bad as I want to be her.