B.E. Center Stage Senior - Kayla

Kayla is our next B.E. Center Stage Senior! We had such a great time on her shoot! She is such a smart, funny, charismatic girl! Kayla plans to study Forensic Science in college, which we thought was so cool!! We love her images and we are so happy to share them! Read more of Kayla's Q&A session and of course, see more of her photos!

B.E. Center Stage Senior - Kayla

Kayla's Q&A

Q: What will you miss the most about high school?

A: Friday night football games, fun class projects, and all the students I grew up with.

Q: What are your post-graduation plans?

A: I will be attending Columbia College and major in Forensic Science

Q: Where do you see yourself at 27?

A: Having a career that I love with a husband and kids!

Q: What is your best advice for underclassmen?

A: Get involved! Clubs and activities are great on scholarships and resumes!

Q: What do you spend the majority of your money on?

A: Food and Crossfit

Q: Do you still watch cartoons? If yes, which one?

A: Yes! Like spongebob and the fairly odd parents. Classics!

Q: Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some? 

A: Hmm.. somewhere close to me because I wouldn't trust it anywhere else!

Q: What movies could you watch over and over and still love?

A: Disney movies!!

Q: What childhood toy do you still have?

A: All of my stuffed bears that now live in the basement!

Q: Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid? 

A: Actress, President, FBI agent. I aimed high!

Q: If you could go back or forward in time, where would you go?

A: Back to my childhood where everything seemed happy and simple

Q: If you could go back or forward in time, where would you go? 

A: To the future to see my husband and kids!

Q: If they made a movie about your life, what actor would play you?

A: I have no idea! Every time I ask someone they give me a different answer! I guess I just have one of those faces that can't really be pin pointed.