Who We Are...

Welcome Seniors!

First of all, thank you so much for considering us!  We know how important this decision is for you, and we are so honored to be your go-to photographer for the St. Louis and St. Charles areas! 

B.E. Seniors is an offshoot of Bliss Eleven Studios, and was created by Laurie Nowling  - owner and lead photographer of the Bliss Eleven family. When Laurie started her business in 2006, she immediately realized how much she LOVED working with her senior clients. It was clear just how important it was for every student to get their best shots the first time, and every time! When Laurie started to look around at what was offered for senior photography in the area, she quickly realized that there was a huge hole in the market. Where was the style, the Individuality and creativity?? Seeing the opportunity to change the way we look at senior photography, Laurie and her team got together to brainstorm and…. VOILA! B.E. Seniors was born!

Here at B.E. Seniors, we LOVE our seniors.  You are our first priority and we take get so excited every time we book a new client because we have so much fun on our shoots. We make sure that the experience is perfect for YOU!  From the shoot locations, to our lighting, photography style, make-up artists and props - we make sure that all of our decisions are dedicated to our goal of capturing the best and most memorable moments for you. Gone are the days of cheesy senior pictures, with fake smiles and bad lighting, in front of faded blue backdrops! Our team takes great care to capture your individual essence and unique personality. Whether you are a sports star, a cheerleader, a drama kid, a science wiz, an indie hipster or anything in between, B.E. Seniors will capture who you are and what you love - all while looking like you just stepped off a magazine cover! 

Your senior photos will capture a very important time in your life and you will undoubtedly cherish them forever! Let us make you feel like the superstar you are, and give you a memory of a lifetime!